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The Jason Falls Show - A Marketing Podcast (now Digging Deeper)

Jul 21, 2020

NOTE: This podcast will no longer simulcast Digging Deeper after September 1. Please update your subscription at This podcast will become more focused on Influencer Marketing after Sept. 1 in support of Jason's new book on the topic. You can subscribe to both, but to keep getting the Digging Deeper interviews, please update your feed!

This Episode:  If you've ever wondered how to use virtual and freelance talent to grow and scale your business, Nathan Hirsch is someone to talk to. He scaled a small e-commerce business to a multimillion dollar venture, then solved his own problem by building another one -- FreeUp. That business helps people find and hire virtual and freelance talent for scale. Now Nathan spends his time teaching people how to build systems and processes to leverage virtual workers at Outsource School.